Our History

The Establishment and History of Burdur Commodity Exchange Marketi

The establishment activities of Burdur Commodity Exchange Market were launched in 1987.As a result of the Union executive board decision dated 27.08.1987 dated 718 a site visit was made to the locality to determine the establishment of a Commodity Exchange Market in Burdur province. Discussions were carried out with authorities in the Province Directorate of Industry and Trade in Burdur, the Province Directorate of Agriculture, TURKISH GRAIN BOARD, Meat Combine, Chamber of Trade and Industry, Municipality and Governorate as well as face to face meetings with growers and merchants and a positive report was issued for the establishment in our province due to the suitable economic data.

The Chamber of Trade and Industry authorities indicated that they could provide space in their own service buildings and personnel for sustaining the activities of the exchange market to be established.

The studies carried out revealed that there was a need to establish a Commodity Exchange Market in Burdur. In conclusion it was decided that the establishment of a Commodity Exchange Market with an operation area in Burdur Province in accordance with Changed article 33 with Law number 3277 of Law number 5590 for the procurement and sales of materials included in the exchange market, price determination and advertisement works to be executed in accordance with the principles written in the law would be appropriate.

A letter sent by the General Directorate of Internal Commerce of the Ministry of Industry and Trade dated 20.01.1988 number 3460 to the Burdur Governorate informed that such an establishment would be appropriate. The letter issued by Province Industry Trade directorate dated 14.02.1989 instructed the registration of natural and legal entities included in the quotation list involved in the purchase and sales of materials over minimum amounts with the Commodity Exchange Market to be established in our province. The Burdur Commodity Exchange Market was officially activated on 27.04.1989 and started services in the Chamber of Trade and Industry building on 23.05.1989.

The Enterprising Committee consisted of the late Uğur VELİCANGİL, the late Mehmet ACUN, Bekir KOYUTÜRK, Mesut EKİNCİ, Hasan TAYLAN and Ali DİKİCİ. A management cadre comprised of a 14 member assembly and 5 members was established because a sufficient Professional committee could not be established in the commodity Exchange.

The first election of members for the executive board was held in 1989 and late Uğur VELİCANGİL was elected chairman, Mesut EKİNCİ was elected deputy chairman while Kemal Gökçe was elected Treasurer member and Hüsnü Tabak and Bekir Koyutürk became members. The Burdur Commodity Exchange Market has served without interruption since 1989.