Communication And Correspondence Policy

The Commodity Exchange Market of Burdur was established in 1989 within the framework depicted in Law number 5174 to determine the prices of materials purchased and sold on the exchange market, register and announce them.
With the authorities delegated by Law number 5174 the Commodity Exchange Market of Burdur is in continuous communication with its members, TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), Ministries, public organizations and agencies, private entity companies, foundations, associations, etc. organizations during its service process.

Communication And Correspondence Tools

The Commodity Exchange Market of Burdur uses communication tools to communicate with its members and other persons, organizations and agencies. The current communication tools used by our Commodity exchange are listed below.
1. Telephone line (connected to a switchboard)
3 lines
2. Telephone line (Direct line)
2 lines
3. Internet System
1 system
4. Desktop Computer
8 computers
5. Laptop
1 lines
6. Scanner
3 lines
7. Facsimile device
1 system
8. Photocopier
2 lines
9. Laser printer
7 lines
10. SMS system
1 system
11. WEB site
1 system
12. e-mail address (organization)
4 addresses
12. e-mail address (service)
4 addresses
There are 15 internal lines for internal communication within the commodity exchange market.
• Chairman of the Executive Board
• Executive Board Meeting Room
• Assembly President
• Assembly meeting room
• General Secretary
• Private Secretary
• Press and Public Relations
• Registration and Statistics (1)
• Registration and Statistics (2)
• Registration and Statistics (3)
• Accounting and Financial affairs
• Tea room
• Central heating room
• Elevator
• Personnel Dining room 112

Communication With The Telephone

Internal phone calls are carried out within the Commodity Exchange by punching the direct internal number. Each service and personnel has the opportunity to conduct internal communication. Any person or organization calling for the Executive Board Chairman, Assembly President and General Secretary shall indicate who they are calling to the switchboard operator who will connect the call and ensure communication. Personnel of the Commodity Exchange can make phone calls on the external lines by dialing 9 to retrieve an external line and enter the number they are calling.

Communication With Short Messages (SMS)

The Commodity Exchange uses an SMS short message service to deliver short messages not exceeding 160 characters to members, persons and organizations. The private secretary writes the Short Message text on an SMS Dispatch Form (BTB-FR-035/00) and presents it to the approval of the General Secretary. After approval it is dispatched to the relevant groups through the internet.
The members registered on the SMS system and other persons and organizations are listed in separate groups. The system is kept updated by a periodical check of the mobile phone numbers registered in the SMS directory by the Private Secretary every 3 months.
SMS Dispatch Reports which indicate numbers which cannot be reached are investigated and efforts are made to acquire a new active number.

Communication With A Facsimile Device

TThe Commodity Exchange also uses a facsimile device to contact members, TOBB, Ministries, public organizations/agencies and private persons and organizations regarding current services pertaining to business and procedures. Papers or documents to be sent to other persons and organizations by the Presidencies, General Secretariat, Accounting and Financial affairs Service, Registration and Statistics Service, Press and Public Relations Service and Private Secretariat Services with a facsimile device. A report is obtained after the message has been sent and filed together with the relevant correspondence. The facsimile dispatch reports are filed on a monthly basis

Communication with E-Mail

A member with an e-mail address uses e-mail to contact TOBB, the Ministries. Our monthly Commodity Exchange Procedure bulletin in particular is delivered to all commodity exchanges by e-mail every month. Furthermore, the forms dispatched to TUIK are also forwarded by e-mail. Communication with TOBB is used more effectively by e-mail in particular. During the registration process the communication tools of members are endeavored to be acquired as fully as possible. The acquirement of a mail address in particular and its use is explained to the member.

Communication Through The Web Page

Our Commodity Exchange also accesses its members and the public through its web page. Communication is ensured by putting news items regarding the commodity exchange, advertisements and announcements on the main page of the web. Furthermore, a news archive link is available for visitors to reach prior news items again. Our web page consists of a wide range of information from contemporary news, updated members list, monthly Commodity Exchange Procedures Bulletin, Annual Activity Report, Quotation List, News Archive, Service Standards Table, Organization Chart, tariffs, membership registration procedures information, Annual Procedure Volume, important telephone numbers and sites, photographs, Young Entrepreneurs and Women Entrepreneurs to the structure of the organization and knowledge acquisition. The web site is updated by entering information in updated files into the system. Furthermore, information loss is prevented by backing up the web site every 3 months.

Statistics And Reporting

Every 6 months statistical information is compiled in a report regarding the use of communication tools to measure the effectiveness of communication activities in the commodity exchange and presented to the Executive Board. In January the communication information is compiled and reported for the June-December interval period. In July the communication information for the January-June interval are assessed and reported.
The gaps or malfunctions indicated in the report as well as needs are taken into consideration and a new regulation is incepted. Necessary improvements are made to keep the communication and correspondence system dynamic.