Member Relations Policy Of Burdur Commodity Exchange Market

Member Relations Policy Of Burdur Commodity Exchange Market
Burdur Commodity Exchange Market continues to provide high quality services with a view which always prioritizes member satisfaction in line with its vision, mission and values as a strong, respectable and reliable organization. We have established a ‘Member Relations Policy’ to counter your complaints and demands with this principle and take our quality standards to a further level and provide better service.
• Reliability: The exchange has a reliable identity in terms of protecting member registry and licensing information, the accuracy of statistical information in terms of the efficient usage of resources.
• Transparency and objectivity: Members of the exchange are free to forward their complaints, demands and questions at any time in an accurate, complete, comprehensible and facilitated way. All channels of communications are open to you. All complaints, demands and questions from the members regarding any subject are assessed fairly and without prejudice by the exchange.
• Quality: The Exchange has adopted the policy of increasing the quality of services delivered to members as a fundamental principle. A QMS and Accreditation system have been established and work is ongoing to ensure their sustainability.
• Acting with sense of Duty: The organ members of the Commodity Exchange and all the personnel act with an awareness of compliance with legislation and job descriptions defined in the Quality Management System.
• Being solution-oriented; solution oriented, rapid, productive solutions are generated and applied in terms of problems forwarded by the members, organ members as well as problems forwarded through other channels to the Exchange involving our province.
• Confidentiality: It has been a very important issue to maintain the confidentiality of members’ data since the establishment of the Exchange. Therefore personal data are always kept confidential.
• Actuality: The Exchange shall update the registration and licensing information of members, financial information, statistical information and other information at all times.
• Honesty and faith in business ethics: The administration and personnel employed in the administrative cadre of the Exchange work in compliance with business ethics and within a framework of honesty and ethical boards.
• Open to innovation: The Exchange is open to technological innovations and new management systems and as such provides continuous training to its employees and members in terms of adaptation works.
• Creating a difference: The Exchange differs from other chambers and exchanges in that it has adopted the principle of increasing different good applications.

• Sensitivity to society and the environment: The exchange is a stakeholder of works which are to the benefit of society and acts with an awareness for the environment.

• Have an awareness for social responsibility, The Exchange generates social responsibility projects and contributes to current ones.