The authorized organs of the Commodity Exchange is comprised of the Executive Board, Assembly Board and Disciplinary Board members
The election of the commodity exchange organs is carried out according to article 10 Of the Regulation for Organ Elections, in other words once Every 4 years.
The Commodity Assembly Board is selected out of professional groups for a period of 4 years. The assemblies of commodity exchanges which cannot be established with at least 7 professional groups shall be established with 14 members selected among their registered members. Furthermore, the same number of associate members shall be elected. Under such circumstances the duties of professional committees shall be executed by expertise commissions selected by assemblies. The assembly shall elect a Chairman and one or two Deputy Chairmen for four years from among their own members. The assembly chairman and deputies cannot be elected to the position of Management and Disciplinary Board and membership.
The Management board shall be comprised of 5 persons elected for four years. The chairman of the executive of the commodity exchange market and members cannot be deputized in the assembly of a chamber or commodity exchange at the same time. The Executive Board Chairman and members shall be elected under the judicial auspices of the Assembly. Deputy chairmen and treasurer shall be elected among Executive Board members without judicial auspices.
6 members shall comprise the Disciplinary Board and shall be voted with a secret ballot under judicial auspices among those registered with the exchange for four years. The same number of reserve members is elected. Legal entities are elected to Disciplinary Board membership as legal entities. Those elected for assembly membership cannot be elected to the Disciplinary Board. In order to qualify for election to disciplinary board membership it is mandatory to be a graduate of high school and equivalent School and free of any previous disciplinary or monetary fines in addition to the qualifications for election indicated in article 6 of the Regulation for Organ Elections.
The Commodity Exchange Market Assembly and Disciplinary Board members and the executive board chairman and members shall start their duty within 2 days after the elections have been finalized. The Organ members shall introduce each other at the first board meeting. Subsequently the General Secretary meets the Commodity Exchange personnel and organ members. Orientation (on the job training) shall be provided for the organ members with a presentation introducing the board and relevant duties and definitions and comprised furthermore of other laws and regulations. Any questions posed by the members shall be answered. Furthermore, every member shall be presented with a set comprised of the Law, Regulation and other documents. Any subsequent questions to be posed by the members at organ meetings regarding the work and procedures of the Commodity Exchange shall be answered in detail by the General Secretary.