Our Functions

The Functions Of The Burdur Commodity Exchange Market

The tasks of our Commodity Exchange Market are as follows:
Regulation and registration of the purchase and sales on the commodity exchange market of materials included in the commodity exchange.
To determine and announce the daily prices of the materials included in the commodity exchange according to due procedure.
To make general regulations for Buyers and sellers, delivery and collection including terms of payment, the conditions of liquidation, conditions which are effective in terms of prices and prepare voluntary arbitration procedures which shall be incepted with the approval of the Union.
Monitor domestic and foreign commodity exchanges and markets and communicate prices, steer members in terms of electronic trade and internet networks.
Prepare and approve the documents indicated in article 51.
Establish laboratories and technical offices for the determination of the types of materials included in the commodity exchange and their qualities or participate in established ones.
Determine the customs, traditions and inclinations of the commodity exchange within the regions, present them for the approval of the Ministry and announce them.
Make offers, petitions and applications to the relevant official authorities regarding commodity exchange activities, file cases on its own behalf of the behalf of members if filing such a case is to the benefit of all or a part of the members.
Monitor agreements, decisions and applications which can be deemed as concerted actions which might have a disrupting impact on competition and upon their determination report them to the relevant authorities.
Carry out duties given to ministries or other public organizations and agencies through legislation if such duties are submitted to commodity exchanges within the framework of the establishment objectives and duty areas indicated in this Law.
Submit documents required by the members and provide related services.
Assess applications made regarding domestic fairs and make relevant proposals to the Union.
Carry out duties designed by other legislation and tasks allocated by the Union and Ministry within the framework of the relevant laws.